Copper Peptide GHK:Cu 2:1

Minimum order size 100 grams.  Purity>99%.

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Package and Analysis Example

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GHK: Cu 2:1 (Copper Peptide).  Purity >99%.  (purity indicates the purity of GHK+Cu ion) Cat No. AP103001.

Other Names: (GHK)2Cu; Copper peptide; Prezatide Copper Acetate; Bis(Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate

Application: widely used in anti-aging cosmetics. Several controlled facial studies confirmed anti-aging, firming and anti-wrinkle activity.

Product Specification

Product Name GHK-Cu (GHK: Cu 2:1)
Appearance Blue Powder
Purity (by HPLC) > 99%
Water (k.F)  < 5%
Sequence (Gly-His-Lys)2.Cu.xHAc
Molecular Formula C28H46CuN12O8
Molecular Weight N/A
Storage Temp.

2 ~ 8°C

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