Sensitive Skin Anti-Inflammation Soothing Peptide Solution


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This patented formula includes a peptide and an active ingredient to achieve a synergetic effort on skin comfort and muscle relaxation.

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Solution Specifications: (3,000 ppm of peptide)

Cosmetic Applications and Properties:

Effectively relieves inflammatory reactions in sensitive skin: reduces skin redness and swelling; soothes and relieves pain.

To be used in products for sensitive skin with a concentration of 2~6%.

Mechanisms of Action:

Two ingredients work together to reduce skin sensitivity and inflammation. First, the major peptide ingredient stimulates the release of pro-endorphins, relieving pain and soothing the skin. lt also effectively removes red blood streaks and redness by controlling vasodilation. Second, it is known that vanilloid receptor-1 (VR1) is highly involved with endogenous pain signaling. The other ingredient, a VR1 receptor antagonist, significantly increases the skin’s tolerance threshold, quickly reduces burning and tingling sensations, and instantly cools the skin.

Tips for Formulation:
  1. Avoid strong oxidation ingredients.
  2. We suggest adding the product to the solution as the final step of formulation.
  3. All process should be done under 40°C.

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Sensitive Skin Anti-Inflammation Soothing Peptide Solution

Additional information

Sample Size

25 mL of 0.3% (3,000 ppm) solution Sample

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