Elementor #506

Active Peptide Company is a leading peptide manufacturer with patented technology, recommended by world-renowned scientists and customers. 

We are headquartered in Boston, providing US-based customer service and shipping from USA. More about us

Active Peptide produces large quantities of cosmetic peptides within a GMP standard environment. Our patented liquid-phase synthesis technology allows us to produce kilograms of high purity peptide powder much faster, more efficient, and eco-friendly. We also provide more than thirty peptide solutions, formulated and created using the company’s self-manufactured peptide powder. Sample Request

We have served the world’s most reputable customers including Johnson and Johnson, Harvard, Stanford University, and KDC.   

Dr. Loren Pickart, inventor of GHK copper peptide strongly endorses our products.

“If you want pure copper peptides, go to activepeptide.com.”

We accept credit card payment and direct bank transfer. Based on your request, we provide a password-protected payment link on the same business day for your online purchase.

We also provide other payment options including money order, business check, and personal check.

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