Top Management Team

Dr.  Lee Yu,   Founder & CEO
  • Received his PhD in organic synthesis from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999
  • Led new drug development and peptide research in the USA for 14 years 
  • Owns two new drug development patents
  • Developed advanced technologies to make it possible to produce large-scale peptides at low cost
  • Winner of 2013 Technology Innovation Award from China High-tech Industrial Development Zone

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Janet Du, MBA, Co-founder, President of Marketing & Sales

  • MBA of University of Chicago in 2007
  • 16 years of global experiences in direct and channel sales, product management, and marketing in biotech industry
  • As a marketing leader of Thermo Fisher Scientific, led global vertical market program to shift company’s focus from product lines to applications
  • Developing marketing strategy, driving business growth, leading contract negotiation, and working with legal counsel

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David Goldman  J. D. ,  Principal Consultant

  • J. D. from Tulane University Law School
  • Bachelor of Economics from Brandeis University
  • Expert in new market entry, contract negotiation and business strategy
  • Providing guidance and monitoring to channels on business development issues
  • Educating project teams across geographies for new market entry strategies
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