Eyelash Promotor Peptide Solution – Four Peptides


Combined peptide solution with patented formula. Four peptides included.

Free sample is available to order. Limit one per customer.

  • 25 ml of 5,350 ppm (0.535%) solution Free Sample

We provide large-scale peptide manufacturing (ISO9001) with USA-based shipping and service. All peptides are produced by our patented advanced liquid-phase technology under a GMP standard environment.

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Eyelash Promotor Peptide Specifications: (5,350 ppm)

Cosmetic Applications and Properties:

This patented peptide solution contains four Active Peptide’s self-manufactured peptides to achieve enhanced eyelash thickness, growth, and glossiness. It promotes the proliferation of hair follicle cells and stabilizes eyelash hair follicles.

To be used in mascara, eyelash or eyebrow growth/care products with concentration 3-10%.

  • Avoid strong oxidation ingredients
  • All process should be done under 40°C.
Mechanisms of Action

Contact us for a COA, MSDS, Tech Data Sheet, and Tips for Formulation.

Eyelash Promotor Peptide Solution – Four Peptides

Additional information

Sample Size

25 mL of 0.535% (5,350 ppm) solution Free Sample

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