Acetyl Octapeptide-3


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INCI Name: Acetyl Octapeptide-3
  • Appearance   White to off-white powder
  • Sequence Ac-EEMQRRAD-NH2
  • CAS  868844-74-0
  • Molecular Formula C41H70N16O16S
  • Cat. No.  AP108002
  • Purity > 95%
  • Water Content (K.F) < 12%
  • Identity by MS   1075.2±1
  • Storage: Can transport at room temperature.  Store in a dry, dark place at 2-8°C for long term storage.
Applications and Properties:

It is an advanced version of acetyl hexapeptide-8 with a stronger effect. It quickly reduces the depth of the wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expression. It is a safer, cheaper, and milder alternative to Botox, topically targeting the same wrinkle-formation mechanism in a very different way, with comparable efficacy but without the risks, injections and high cost.

Mechanisms of Action

One of the most striking signs of skin aging is increased wrinkling of the face. This can occur naturally over time and is identified by certain biochemical, histological and physiological changes that are amplified by environmental exposure and other factors such as the pull of gravity or repeated facial movements.

It has a similar mechanism to the popular acetyl hexapeptide-8. Reduces muscle contractions which results in a more relaxed and line-free face, especially around the forehead and eyes; Repairs wrinkles and scars; Promotes the generation of elastin and collagen for smoother and younger skin.

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Acetyl Octapeptide-3

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Product Samples

0.2g of Pure Powder Sample, 25 mL of 0.1% (1,000 ppm) Solution Sample, 2 g of Pure Powder Sample, 1 L of 0.10% (1,000 ppm) Solution Sample

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