Extensive Anti-Wrinkle Essential Peptide Solution


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This patented formula includes four peptides with a synergetic effect. We are a leading peptide manufacturer with USA-based shipping and service. Our peptides are produced by our patented advanced liquid-phase technology under a GMP standard environment (ISO9001). Free shipping for US-based customers. 

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Solution Specifications: (2,150 ppm)

Cosmetic Applications and Properties:

Rejuvenates skin, repairs damaged cells, and restores cell vitality. Promotes collagen regeneration, removes expression lines and stubborn wrinkles, and prevents new wrinkles from appearing. Makes skin more firm, thick, and smooth, and balances skin tone.

To be used in anti-wrinkle/anti-aging products with a concentration of 3-10%.

Mechanisms of Action:

Four peptides powerfully remove wrinkles and tighten the skin. The anti-aging repair tripeptide promotes collagen fiber regeneration, increases skin thickness, improves epidermal cell youthfulness, and repairs damaged cells; the anti-aging pentapeptide repairs the junction of epidermis and dermis, stimulates skin fibroblasts to rebuild extracellular matrix, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen l and lV, fibroblast protein, and mucopolysaccharide; the elasticity-promoting tetrapeptide promotes the production of collagen and elastin, increasing skin elasticity and improving skin texture; the neurotransmitter inhibitory peptide blocks the nerves that transmit signals to muscles and inhibits surface muscle contraction.

Tips for Formulation:
  1. Avoid strong oxidation ingredients.
  2. We suggest adding the product to the solution as the final step of formulation.
  3. All process should be done under 40°C.

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Extensive Anti-Wrinkle Essential Peptide Solution

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Sample Size

25 mL * 1 Vial Sample, 25 mL * 4 Vial Samples

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